At 5:30 on Thursday, May 15 be sure to be at the Gulfport Community Players Backdoor Theater where Walmart Neighborhood Market will host what could be our biggest Mixer of the year. We should all be there to celebrate the coming end of one of our biggest seasons ever and everybody’s growing belief that the future looks even brighter.

The Backdoor Theater is one of the best meeting venues in Gulfport with excellent facilities, lots of room to mix, (and match) and most importantly, ample parking. Bring a ton of business cards and brochures and leave with only the cards and brochures of fellow Members. (Note the capital M on “Members.” It is symbolic of who we consider to be the most important people in the Chamber organization.)

Recent reports indicate that there were a number of relationships and deals that happened as a result of our mixers. Sale of a substantial business came out of the meeting at C1 Bank. A very nice real estate deal came out of a mixer referral. If you have something to sell, even yourself, you’d be a fool not to be there.

May Mixer on Thursday, May 15 at 5:30 PM
at Gulfport Community Players Backdoor Theater
1619 49th St. S., (next to Neighborhood Center)
Gulfport, FL


The Boulevard Shoppe and Garden
5321-5325 Gulfport Boulevard South
Gulfport, FL 33707

Paul Ray, Mentor
Gulfport, FL 33707

Funky Town Boutique
5401 Gulfport Boulevard South
Gulfport, FL 33707

A Vintage Variety Shop
5211 Gulfport Boulevard South
Gulfport, FL 33707


Last year, through donations by Chamber Members and others, over $2500 was raised for school supplies for kids at the Gulfport Elementary School where over 70% of the students are eligible for school lunch programs. Through the buying power of Tony Spinney and Christine Gallagher’s America.s Office Source, that $2500 was converted to $5,000 worth of school supplies that were chosen by the teachers and staff at the school.

Once again, Chamber Board Member, Lynda Shehan is coordinating Chamber co-sponsorship of the drive and asks all Chamber Members and any other person or group to donate whatever $ they can as soon as they can so that supplies will be at the school prior to opening day in August. Our goal is to double last year’s donations.

Our May 15 Mixer would be a great place to bring your check made out to the Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce/School Fund. If you can’t be there, just mail it to the Chamber Office. Any questions can be directed to Lynda Shehan at 727-323-3892 or Tony Spinney at 727-331-1934.



Right now there are 26 Chamber Member Businesses located on Gulfport Boulevard in the nine blocks between 49th and 58th Streets, (and several more that ought to be Members). In talking to some of the fourteen shops and food service establishments, two recurring problems came up. First, businesses in the area are virtually invisible in plain sight due to driver’s concentration on traffic issues and second, there is no positive image among consumers for such a concentration of businesses.

In an effort to “brand” the area and create a Chamber subsidiary marketing organization, a map/brochure locating all the businesses along the street has been designed and is at the printer for finalization and a proof. Once the brochure is complete, a meeting of the 26 businesses will be held for the formation of the Gulfport Strip Council, (GSC), where branding and joint marketing ideas will be discussed. Hopefully, a strong, concentrated marketing program will result.

The Map/Brochure is titled, “Spend the Day in Gulfport. Start With The Strip!” The idea is to bring buyers’ attention to the Strip as a viable entity and to send buyers to the Historic District for the rest of the day. There are 5 ads on the map/brochure with 2 already sold. The remaining 3 are available at $100 each. 5000 copies will be printed and distributed by GSC Members, the Chamber Office and at various other venues and events in the area. Any Member interested in advertising should con tact Bob Newcomb at 727-344-3711.