So far this month we’ve had 5 new Members join us with three more on the way.  Please welcome our new members by e-mail or in person.

Aflac Insurance
Leona Broussard, Agent
13920 58th St. N., Suite 1002
Clearwater, FL 33760

Egret Cove Center
Lianne Brye, Administrator
550 62nd St. S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33707

Gulfport Produce
Felana and Ryan Bernat, Proprietors
5133 Gulfport Boulevard S.
Gulfport, FL 33707

The Ritz Team-Century 21 Real Estate Champions
John and Janice Ritz, Realtors
5980 Shore Boulevard S. #902
Gulfport, FL 33707

The Richardson Group-Smith and Associates
Bethsabe Bockman Pederson, Realtor
2804 45th St. S
Gulfport, FL 33711

These great new members bring our Membership up to 150, a step closer to our goal of 200 by the end of 2014.  We urge every Member to ask your business friends, your business customers and your suppliers to join us as we make our area a better place in which to live and work.  Consult our Business Directory on our web site alphabetically and if they’re not there, give them a call.


From 10 AM to 5 PM on June 7, Gulfport Beach will be alive with fun, games and boat races for all ages.  Everyone will want to play a whacky game of golf on the 18 hole “course” laid out on the beach.  You’ll want to see your friends and community leaders splashing around in the dunk tank.  The highly competitive Recycle Regatta will feature several boats, all made by the riders that may make a mockery of the word, “seaworthy.”  Don’t miss that race, it’ll be a hoot. (Side betting is frowned upon,wink, wink.)

It’s a big day for ducks also.  You can enter the rubber duck race or dress up contest by buying a duck at The Gulfport Beach Bazaar.  Of course Aflac is a sponsor of the duck events.  There will be stand up board and kayak races as well as the opportunity to rent them just to paddle around.  Kayak Nature is in charge of the boards and kayaks.

There are too many things to cover here, but we cant forget to mention the beach related arts and crafts tents, the all day fun and music from the terrific Double M Band and, oh yes the beer truck.  Our great shops and restaurants are open all day as well.  Complete info on the event can be found on Festival.
Each event has a separate page.

Because there are so many events, we will need a lot of volunteers for all or part of the day.  If you want to help out and have a lot of fun at the same time, call Bob Newcomb at 344-3711 or Angela Lagan at 381-8548.



In a few short weeks a brochure that invites people to “Start With the Strip,” when they go shopping or dining out in Gulfport.  The Strip is the nine blocks between 49th and 58th Streets where 29 Chamber Member businesses are ready to serve the public.  An organizational meeting of the the Gulfport Strip Council of the Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce, (GSC), is penciled in for late July.


On May 22, John Riesebeck. Owner of Smokin J’s Real Texas BBQ had open heart surgery at the VA Hospital in Miami.  According to family members, the operation was a success and John is coming along nicely.  We don’t normally cover this kind of news, but John Riesebeck is a special case.  Anybody who’s done business with John or sponsored an event in the area knows of his down home honesty and extraordinary generosity to what appears to be anybody credible who asks. Many of us are in his debt and this would appear to be a great opportunity to express our appreciation by sending him a get well card or e-mail now.  Cards can be mailed to his shop at 5145 Gulfport Boulevard, Gulfport, FL.  His e-mail address is  It’s a family business.  He’ll see them all.


Alexander Smith, Founder and Daniel Maura, CFO of Swoop Enterprises, LLC are in town to finalize arrangements for their company, SWOOP Enterprises of Miami to provide free, six passenger electric car service to citizens and visitors to Gulfport.  Current plans call for service to begin before August 1.  Their service should do much to improve the mobility of Gulfport citizens,  help solve our traffic problems and to attract more visitors to our city.  More details in our next edition.


On May 17, Gulfport Neighbors and the City of Gulfport sponsored their quarterly Junk in the Trunk or Truck event at the 49th Street Neighborhood Center.  It was a huge success in helping to clean up our city.  The Neighbors wish to thank the following Chamber Members: McDonalds for the huge vat of good coffee, Li’l Tommies Tiki for the delicious, home made cinnamon buns,  Neptune Grill for a variety of their specialties for lunch,  Smokin J’s Real Texas BBQ for the wonderful pulled pork sandwiches, Gulfport Produce for the watermelons and apples and Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market for the bottled water.

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