The Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce    

The Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce is a private, not-for-profit organization that is made up of area businesses, professional offices and other service organizations.  It is the voice of private enterprise in Gulfport, South Pasadena and the region surrounding them.
Members know that a generally profitable business community within a well governed, business friendly environment is the basic essential for meaningful job creation and the economic well being of area residents.  Therefore, many diverse economic entities that often compete with one another have banded together in an organization dedicated to the overall prosperity of the area it serves.

The Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce goes beyond the traditional role of promoting the virtues of its area to the world by sponsoring a broader based and more comprehensive program of work designed to improve the regional business and residential climate.  Task forces of business and professional people are now engaged in area marketing/public relations, economic development/redevelopment and public/governmental affairs.  A special incubator program for helping small business to start and grow has recently been established.

Join the Chamber  

While the Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce serves the public purpose of helping to provide people with jobs and a solid economic base, it also stands as a bulwark in defense of the free enterprise system and provides members with tangible benefits that will add to the profitability of the enterprises.

All area businesses and professional practices should support the Chamber Movement by becoming a member of the Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber program also creates bottom-line benefits to the member that should outweigh the member’s financial support.  Personal involvement in the various Chamber projects and activities is of further benefit to the member.

You can fill out the Membership Application Online here.

Benefits of Membership  

Active members of the Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce should receive benefits to their bottom line that far exceed the value of their financial contribution.  Some of these benefits are:

A clear, consistent “Buy Local,” and “Buy From Fellow Chamber Members,” programs bring $ to a member’s bottom line.

    • Your name in the Membership Directory under appropriate categories will bring customers to you from all over the world.  (Special member only advertising opportunities on the web are available.)
    • The option to list your events in our online events calendar which also gets distributed to the membership base via our monthly newsletter.
    • Joint marketing throughout your primary and secondary market areas, (with some spillover), will bring more customers to your area and to your place of business at a lower cost than by any other method.
    • Provision of informative breakfasts, mixers and seminars to help you and your employees build market share.
    • Source of information when making important business decisions such as growth, relocation and finance.
    • Ability to display brochures and business cards at the Chamber’s Information Center on Gulfport Boulevard can bring visitors right to your door.
    • Incentives for joining from local businesses.

The best investment you’ll ever make.

The Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce Means Business!
Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership


  • President: Barry Rubin, Time Systems
  • Vice President: Barbara Banno, Stella’s
  • Treasurer: Kelly Wright, ZKDezigns
  • Secretary: Ken Reichart, The Gabber


  • Barry Rubin, Time Systems
  • Barbara Banno, Stella’s
  • Ken Reichart, The Gabber
  • Pat Dunham, Home Based Business Consulting
  • West Dupes, Insurance Concepts
  • Joe Soska, Olympus Printing
  • Kelly Wright, ZKDezigns
  • Chrisan Herod


  • Economic Development/Redevelopment:
  • Government/Community Relations:
  • Marketing/Events:
  • Membership/Ambassadors: Helen Hughes
  • Pink Flamingo Home Tour: Karen Love