Gulfport and South Pasadena are cities within Pinellas County.

Gulfport has a City Council-City Manager form of government where a five member City Council is responsible for policy and approval of the budget and a City Manager is responsible for all administrative matters.

So. Pasadena has a five member City Commission, (terms council and commission are interchangeable).

Pinellas County government plays a major role in the lives of its residents.

While Gulfport is a full service city, So. Pasadena relies on contracted services from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Dept.

An unincorporated area of over 500 homes lies between Gulfport and So. Pasadena where the county provides most services.

Schools are provided by Pinellas County and are run by a county wide, elected school board.

Area real estate taxes are a combination of city and county levies along with  several other, smaller taxing authorities.

The county is the largest taxing entity.

While there are several indirect state taxes, there is no state income tax in Florida.

The primary revenue source for the state is a broad, 6% sales tax.  Pinellas County residents have voted to impose an additional 1%, county sales tax that is to be used for capital projects.